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Approved Schools

Approved CEHA list of schools and courses for both trimming & nutrition and links to each of their websites.  It is the members responsibility to choose the best course or school and apply directly to the school of choice.  The courses listed below are all approved by the CEHA for membership.   Trimming courses Success […]

Barefoot trimmer summary of standards and education

Summary of standards and education for barefoot trimmer hoof care professionals in Canada.

Hoof & Nail Farrier Supplies Ltd.

Hoof & Nail is a farrier supply company located in Calgary, Alberta, carrying a variety of quality farrier tools, horseshoes, and hoof care products that are fit to best serve professional farriers and horse owners alike. CEHCA atudent members receive a discount!

Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners

Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners provides a supportive network and educational foundation for hoof care professionals and horse owners based on a holistic and progressive approach to equine hoof care for members worldwide.