Evolution in Whole-Horse Soundness – 2023 CEHCA Conference Videos

With Caren Dougall, Elisha Edwards, Caro Lucas, Yogi Sharp, Sarah Smith, Dr. Tomas Teskey and Dr. Elizabeth Uhl

Filmed Sept 30-Oct 2, 2023 in Regina, Saskatchewan

Whether or not you were there, now you can view the best of the CEHCA 2023 conference online. Horse owners and professionals alike can purchase access to this incredible educational event for a limited time and view videos through June 30, 2024. Enjoy approximately 12 hours across 10 recordings covering a wide variety of topics from our amazing conference presenters.

Through their presentations, conference speakers compliment each others’ offerings in a way that brings everything back to the hoof. The valuable information shared here will inspire every professional in the equine industry, beyond hoof care.

An educational experience for equine health-related and hoof care professionals, students, and horse owners.