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Our practitioners strive to promote and educate about the importance of a wholistic view of equine podiatry, including an understanding of hoof function, new trimming techniques and how changes in equine management, diet and husbandry promote healing and soundness for the hooves and the whole equine, as well as promoting the practice of maintaining healthy hooves with flexible protection.

In January 2021, a small group of barefoot trimmers got together to chat about a few needs each saw in the trimming industry in their provinces. At the end of this informal meeting a decision was made to rise to the occasion, bring more trimmers to the table, and create some guidelines for the profession. It took about six months of weekly meetings with trimmers across the country to create a “codex” for the practice and standards of the profession.

The CEHCA codex reflects the work that is being done in other fields of animal health care, with the goal of creating a clear set of standards for the benefit of professionals, animal owners, and of course, the horses themselves.

CEHCA operates as a registered not-for-profit association uniting its members in an ongoing quest for personal and industry-wide development. We invite you to join us in creating a professional, pan-Canadian community.

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What it means to be a member

The CEHCA community is here to support one another through our professional network, where members can connect on a regular basis. Whether you are in search of insight on a hoof care case, or just want to stay up to date regarding upcoming clinics and workshops, every member is welcome to reach out through the membership. Networking with fellow trimmers in your area offers additional resources. Certified mentors are also available to support you with your tough cases.

Just a few of the many good reasons for professional practitioners to become CEHCA members :

  • To be part of a growing movement to professionalize our trade
  • To be a part of a professional community and get support from your colleagues.
  • To be invited to special professional development events.

Visit the membership page for details about how to join.

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Spring Grass and Laminitis

Springtime can be difficult to navigate as a horse owner. The green grass is just starting to crop up and soon will take over the fields. The horses are craving it, and with hay prices increasing it’s tempting to just open up the pastures and let the horses have an all-you-can-eat grass buffet. Since food […]

26 May 2023 / Read more

The Evolution in Whole-Horse Soundness conference – Sept 30-Oct 2, 2023

Join us this fall for the very first Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association conference at Delta Hotels Regina. A robust educational experience for the equine industry, including equine health-related and hoof care professionals, students, and horse owners, the conference features top practitioners and experts from a variety of equine fields. Industry leaders will present on multiple aspects of health care influencing the soundness of the hoof – equine dentistry, bodywork, veterinary medicine, hoof care, equine nutrition, and more.

17 March 2023 / Read more

Preparing your horse’s hooves for winter

by Rachel Gedaliya CEHCA member You may ask what it means to prepare your horses’ hooves for winter, after all horses have been wintering on earth for millenniums … Winter brings a different pace, with its cold air and a blankets of snow, short days, and little to no fresh grass to graze on depending […]

7 November 2022 / Read more