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About the organization

The Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association was established in January, 2021. Trimmers from all over the country are thirsty for a supportive community. It is time to unite, work together and demonstrate the highest standards in the barefoot trimming profession. These standards are parallel to associations in several other countries and are a reflection of the barefoot trimming industry here in Canada.

The CEHCA’s goal is to support professional hoof care providers, as well as aspiring trimmers. Our desire is to bring transparency into the field for horse owners to better understand the profession, our needs and what we can provide for their horses.

More and more professions and modalities in the equine industry are working towards standardization in an effort to comply with new legislation in some of the provinces in Canada. CEHCA’s objective is to create accountability in the practice of barefoot trimming.

Because without the hoof… there is no horse.


President / Rachel Gedaliya

Vice president / Francine Labossière

Secretary / Klervi Dorfsman

Treasurer / Jessica Fobert

Membership committee

Maia Chaput

Christine Johnston

Connie Challice

Photo © Jessica Fobert