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Preparing your horse’s hooves for winter

by Rachel Gedaliya CEHCA member You may ask what it means to prepare your horses’ hooves for winter, after all horses have been wintering on earth for millenniums … Winter brings a different pace, with its cold air and a blankets of snow, short days, and little to no fresh grass to graze on depending […]

7 November 2022 / Read-Lire

Leading by example

A welcome message from Christine Tomlin, who along with Francine Labossière, owns and operates Hoof Geeks Barefoot Hoof Care. Francine and Christine travel Western Canada teaching and empowering horse owners in remote locations to take control of their horses’ hooves and bring them back to soundness.

23 September 2021 / Read-Lire

What makes a natural bare foot?

Our model is based on the wild horse’s foot found in the American West. These horses travel many kilometres a day over some of the most rugged terrain known. Yet they do not suffer lameness caused by laminitis or navicular disease as their domestic cousins do.

10 November 2021 / Read-Lire