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Evolution in Whole Horse Soundness conference wrap-up

Evolution in Whole Horse Soundness conference

Thank you to all who attended the Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association’s very first conference, and helped make it a big success! It was a joy to be able to meet and catch up with everyone in person. The diversity amongst the attendees spoke to how much the equine community as a whole values education. We welcomed barefoot trimmers, farriers, body workers, veterinarians, dentists, horse owners, students and more into an atmosphere of collaboration and learning. During lecture times, everyone was pen-in-hand-ready to take in information, and during downtimes, a steady buzz of conversations between curious minds reigned. The horse world is truly lacking in friendly environments where people coming from different perspectives can regroup and learn from one another, and it was a privilege to be a part of fostering a space where that very thing could happen.

We also want to thank our speakers for making the journey to Regina. These individuals were all clearly passionate about the horse. When they weren’t onstage, they were excitedly chatting with conference attendees about their research. Beyond simply bringing information, what they really brought was an attitude of putting our presuppositions and biases aside in order to show up for the horse. After being caught in a whirlwind of research, personal wisdom and experience, successes and new perspectives, we are ready to go home and look at our horses and client horses with fresher eyes.

Finally, this event couldn’t have been pulled off without our sponsors and vendors. A big thank you to all who showed up with trunks and boxes full of equipment, or who sent a door prize or auction item because they believed in our vision to unite Canadian horse people!

The CEHCA is also finalizing the recording of the conference for both those who attended and those who were not able to make it. We want to thank our videographer for memorializing the event for us. We will be announcing its release soon, so watch our social media space and see you all next time!